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Top Ecommerce Sites - Beta

Top Ecommerce Sites I've started cataloging the top ~500 ecommerce sites on the web and saving data about those sites for trend analysis. My aim is to be able to analyze this data for best practices in site design and SEO 6+ months from now and see how sites rise and fall in traffic and rank on the web. I've written a few spiders that crawl the top sites and extract data that I think is important and match it with mashup data from a few different sources to bring what you see here.

I've also added a rating and reviews section so that readers can contribute by rating the site 1-5 stars and writing a review/comment on the site design. Please help by commenting on what you like and don't like for each site.

If you have questions or recommendations on what you would like to see added, please email me.

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Here is the list of top sites.
Top 10 Ecommerce Sites That Are Public Companies
www.jcpenney.comNYSE: JCP DELL VPRT HD
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The sites using the most images on Home Page
SiteSize of Images MB
www.babyphat.com4.027 MB
www.harborfreight.com3.418 MB
www.shutterfly.com3.417 MB MB
www.barnesandnoble.com3.31 MB
www.brookstone.com3.075 MB
www.redenvelope.com2.712 MB
www.bathandbodyworks.com2.653 MB
www.newegg.com2.582 MB
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Top 10 Sites Using the Most Flash on Home Page
SiteFlash Size
www.sonystyle.com4.935 MB MB
www.dickssportinggoods.com3.453 MB
www.disneydirect.com2.773 MB
www.americangreetings.com2.562 MB MB
www.thecompanystore.com2.336 MB
www.babyuniverse.com2.273 MB
www.pacsun.com1.835 MB
www.ballardDesigns.com1.777 MB
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