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Microsoft Surface Video Demo At AT&T Retail Store

Embedded here is a video demo of the use of Surface technology in the AT&T retail store.  It shows the user placing a Samsung Blackjack on the table and all of the features displayed in rich media with video and audio coming up about the phone.  The user then places a Curve on the table and it instantly shows a feature comparison between the two phones.  Pretty slick demo.  

Surface Tables deployed at AT&T Cellular Stores First

Closeup Microsoft Surface at AT&T Retail storeThere’s an interesting article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer about AT&T Cellular stores being the first retailer to roll out Microsoft’s Surface technology. 

It’s funny that AT&T is the first to deploy the technology when one of the main demos for Surface has been a T-Mobile in-store kiosk. 

The stores that will get the tables can be found here:

  • New York: 381 Madison Ave. and 350 Park Ave.
  • Atlanta: 3429 Lenox Road N.E.
  • San Antonio: 13127 San Pedro Ave.
  • San Francisco area: 1206 El Camino Real, San Bruno
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    Microsoft Surface Snowboard Demo at NRF Conference ’08

    Today I was able to walk the conference floor at NRF and see what’s new and by far the most interesting (and busiest) demo was in Microsoft’s booth of their new Surface technology.  The person running the demo ran through several applications with a constant crowd surrounding his area.  I was able to get close enough to take some quick pictures.  These pics and quick video are a snowboard customization demo and of a T-Mobile app for use in stores for comparing phones.

    NRF Surface Snowboard 23 January 2008 046
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