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Experience Strategy Development

If you are working on your experience strategy or a redesign of your site, you should definitely take an hour out of your day to watch this presentation.  It’s given by two guys from Adaptive Path which is a product experience strategy and design firm.  The presentation was delivered to employees of Google, but someone was kind enough to share it on you tube. 

Even though the topic is mainly centered around experience through an application, it also has great information if you are working on customer experience in the store. 

I particularly liked two parts in the later half of the presentation where they talked about the Peak End Rule and The long wow.  Enjoy!

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Tech & Business at Amazon.com

I’ve been sick this past week so I haven’t been up to posting much, but I did find these two articles that are definitely worth sharing. 

 Werner Vogel’s(CTO of Amazon.com) attached an architecture paper on his blog All Things Distributed.  The paper covers the architecture in place for Amazon’s distributed storage system. 

If storage system architecture for extremely scalable ecommerce sites is not your thing, I saw that Harvard Business Review conducted an interview with Jeff Bezo’s(CEO of Amazon.com).   The interview focuses on strategy and how it’s formulated at Amazon.  The graphic on page 2 showing the product line expansion, feature inclusion and sales revenue is great review of the company looking back. 

Both are definitely worth the read. 

shop.org Summary Day One

The first content oriented keynote at shop.org was given by Kelly Mooney, President and Chief Experience Officer of Resource Interactive, a leading interactive marketing services firm.  Kelly’s talk centered around the idea of OPEN brands which stands for O – On demand, P – Personal, E – Engaging, N – Networked.   She pointed out that marketing strategy around brands is changing in which the consumer is affecting your brand through blogs, reviews, and social linking.  Brand owners need to determine if they are going to remain closed or embrace the consumer forces.  Kelly and other folks from Resource Interactive have written a book on the subject called the OPEN Brandwhich is due out in October in ebook form and print in December.  I’m definitely going to pick it up when it’s available.

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Relevance of the Corporate Website

Jeremiah Owyang, a Web Strategist in the valley wrote an interesting blog post, The Irrelevant Corporate Website. The majority of the statements are correct around the idea that corporations should be embracing community systems and the content produced around that community as they provide trust, buy in, and feedback to learn from.

However I have to disagree with the post title and overall statement on the relevance of corporate sites. Jeremiah couldn’t actually believe that corporate sites as we have them today are irrelevant. (continue reading…)

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