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Shop.org 2008 Las Vegas is getting prepared

Shop.org registration booth being setupI’m in Las Vegas for the Shop.org 2008 conference. It looks like it’s going to be a great conference with the keynotes and sessions that are lined up this year. The CEO & President of Borders is kicking off the first keynote, followed by the author of Wikinomics, Don Tapscott. The first session of the day after the keynotes has four sessions I would like to attend; Emerging Retail Technologies, Natural Search Tactics for the Retailer, Selecting the Right Solution Provider for your Retail Operations: eCommerce Platform Selection Case-Study, and Social Media And The Reluctant Retailer. I’m not sure what I’ll end up with.

One thing I’ve noticed that I’m not excited about it the number of sessions led by vendors. Shop.org has been very good in the past about focusing on retailers giving the presentations and this year seems like they’ve taken a 90 degree turn. There are still quite a few retailers presenting and lets hope they keep a tight hold on the vendors from pitching their wares for the hour.

The show kicks off Monday night. If you are at the show, drop me a note and I’d love to meet up with you.

shop.org Summary Day One

The first content oriented keynote at shop.org was given by Kelly Mooney, President and Chief Experience Officer of Resource Interactive, a leading interactive marketing services firm.  Kelly’s talk centered around the idea of OPEN brands which stands for O – On demand, P – Personal, E – Engaging, N – Networked.   She pointed out that marketing strategy around brands is changing in which the consumer is affecting your brand through blogs, reviews, and social linking.  Brand owners need to determine if they are going to remain closed or embrace the consumer forces.  Kelly and other folks from Resource Interactive have written a book on the subject called the OPEN Brandwhich is due out in October in ebook form and print in December.  I’m definitely going to pick it up when it’s available.

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What happens in Vegas is blogged about – shop.org

shop.org in underway and it’s grown 10x in the last 6 years.  6 Years ago, shop.org had about 200 attendees and for 2007 the unofficial attendee number is about 2000 consisting of about 500 retail organizations with a 70% larger exhibit hall than last year.  The show is focusing on 4 main areas that were requested by its membership. 

1.  Analytics
2. Merchandising for conversions
3. Search & SEO
4. Web 2.0

I’ve got to get back to the show, but later tonight I’ll cover the main points from the keynotes and what I’ve heard and learned.  Looks like it’s going to be a great event.

Shop.org 2007 Annual Summit

I’m going to be attending the Shop.org Annual Summit on Sept 17-19th particpating in the online and multichannel event.  If you are going as well, drop me a note and we can connect for a drink, my treat, after the sessions.

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