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Mashup App for Tracking Top Ecommerce Sites for Design Analysis & Best Practices

I haven’t been writing much over the past couple weeks because I’ve been focused on developing a new mashup app that will track the top 500+ ecommerce sites on the web.    Trying to keep up with what the top companies are doing is always a difficult and time consuming task so I decided to pull information together in one place.   I’ve written a few spiders as well as some mashup code with Compete, ZoomInfo, and Google API’s to build a dossier on each of the best sites. 

Please check out The Top Ecommerce Sites and let me know what you think. 

Currently I’m tracking on each site:

  • Snapshots of the home page
  • Google Page Rank
  • Backlinks from major search engines
  • Traffic via Compete
  • Company data from ZoomInfo
  • Types of technology used and sizes (i.e. html, images, flash, javascript)
  • User submitted comments and reviews
  • 1-5 Star ratings submitted by users
  • References in the Blogosphere
  • Google News

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Article on Optimizing for Google Product Search

Brandon over at “The life and times” wrote up a great article on Optimizing for Google Product Search (Formerly Froogle).   Definitely worth checking out. 

A Few Local Search SEO and PPC Tips For Brick & Mortar Retailers

Local SearchAfter writing the last post about Rooms to Go’s success with Local PPC (Pay Per Click) Search, I decided to research the topic a bit and write up these tips to improving your Local PPC and SEO efforts.  

1. Make sure your PPC links list the city you are advertising for.  When your ad is seen, you want to make sure the person surfing notices that your ad is specifically for the area you are advertising for which will increase the quality of your click throughs.

2. Take your store locator and turn each store details page into a landing page just for that location.  

  • Follow standard SEO best practices and include the store city location in the page title, URL, and text.  
  • Add specific local information to the landing page like events – tent sales, book signings, or other local information such as store hours and manager contacts.
  • Personalize the content on that location’s page to be as specific as possible about that location.   Avoid duplicating content that’s provided on your national pages here. 
  • Consider having a photo taken of the local store that can be shown on the landing page giving the reader an immediate connection to the location.
  • Make sure you have a site map linking to all of the locations so the search engines will index those store location pages.
  • Consider a sub-domain approach for each location – city.yourdomain.com as that will help with the local SEO for that location and provide a memorable url for your repeat customers.
  • If you are going to make any of your pages mobile accessible, these have to be at the top of your list to get done. 
  • Put GPS Coordinates and POI(points of interest) file with your locations that can be downloaded  and used in a customer GPS device to find your stores when on the road.

3.  Avoid sending the reader to the home page on the first click.  If there’s nothing Local about the landing page, the user may abandon the page and move on.

4.  If you have stores in cities with high concentrations of a specific ethnic origin, consider local city targeting in the native language specified through that search engine. 

5. Optimize your SEO keywords for your local landing pages.  An easy way to generate keywords for local search is to use a tool like http://www.5minutesite.com/local_keywords.php.   This site will take your keywords and add the cities to them for targeting that specific area. 

6.  Don’t overlook the search engines/directories that specialize in local search – i.e. Citysearch.com, superpages, and yellowpages.

That’s all I have for tonight, anyone have any other ideas?  I’ll enter the ideas submitted in the comments into a drawing for a shirt from the swag bag.

Quick SEO Dashboard

Xinu Returns - SEO DashboardI came across this site XinuReturns.com today that quickly shows you all sorts of SEO stats on your website in a dashboard type format.  From there you can drill into each individual stat so you can try to optimize your site, backlinks, indexed pages, page rankings, keywords and validations. 

The SEO Secrets Most Agencies Won’t Reveal

By far, the best tactical oriented presentation I saw at shop.org was the Advanced Search: Part Art, Part Science – The SEO Secrets Most Agencies Won’t Reveal given primarily by Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts with the help of Elaine Wu of Victoria’s Secret, and Steve Spangler of SteveSpanglerScience.com.  Stephan walked through the presentation sharing tools and tactics for improving ranking on organic search sites.  The tools and tactics were broken up into 3 main areas, Technical Optimization, Content Optimization, and Link Building.  Below are the ones I thought were most interesting.

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