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Data Visualization: Top 500+ Ecommerce Sites by Sub-Vertical with Google Page Rank

I’ve been playing around with the data visualization tools at IBM’s Many Eye’s project and came up with a visualization in a treeview that shows the top 500+ ecommerce sites split by category of retailer with google page rank.  It’s an interesting way to look at the data as you quickly see that apparel & accessories dominates number of retailers in the top 500.  Following the apparel category is Specialty/Non-Apparel, Housewares, and Computers/Electronics. 

 An alternative interesting view can be see by dragging the retail vertical to the position between google page range and site.  This will group everything by page rank showing that there’s only 4 retailers with a GPR of 9. 

Update: I’ve moved the visualization to after the click as it was too much on the homepage. (continue reading…)

Mashup App for Tracking Top Ecommerce Sites for Design Analysis & Best Practices

I haven’t been writing much over the past couple weeks because I’ve been focused on developing a new mashup app that will track the top 500+ ecommerce sites on the web.    Trying to keep up with what the top companies are doing is always a difficult and time consuming task so I decided to pull information together in one place.   I’ve written a few spiders as well as some mashup code with Compete, ZoomInfo, and Google API’s to build a dossier on each of the best sites. 

Please check out The Top Ecommerce Sites and let me know what you think. 

Currently I’m tracking on each site:

  • Snapshots of the home page
  • Google Page Rank
  • Backlinks from major search engines
  • Traffic via Compete
  • Company data from ZoomInfo
  • Types of technology used and sizes (i.e. html, images, flash, javascript)
  • User submitted comments and reviews
  • 1-5 Star ratings submitted by users
  • References in the Blogosphere
  • Google News

(continue reading…)

Quick SEO Dashboard

Xinu Returns - SEO DashboardI came across this site XinuReturns.com today that quickly shows you all sorts of SEO stats on your website in a dashboard type format.  From there you can drill into each individual stat so you can try to optimize your site, backlinks, indexed pages, page rankings, keywords and validations. 

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