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What happens in Vegas is blogged about – shop.org

shop.org in underway and it’s grown 10x in the last 6 years.  6 Years ago, shop.org had about 200 attendees and for 2007 the unofficial attendee number is about 2000 consisting of about 500 retail organizations with a 70% larger exhibit hall than last year.  The show is focusing on 4 main areas that were requested by its membership. 

1.  Analytics
2. Merchandising for conversions
3. Search & SEO
4. Web 2.0

I’ve got to get back to the show, but later tonight I’ll cover the main points from the keynotes and what I’ve heard and learned.  Looks like it’s going to be a great event.

When too many product choices demotivates buyers

Two researchers from Columbia and Stanford have written an interesting research paper which may contradict long held beliefs that product choice is king in retail.  They conducted three studies which reviewed the patterns and habits of people deciding a path when both a small and large set of options were provided.  I recommend that you read this paper and take it’s findings into account in your merchandising behaviors as well as site, store and catalog design. 

 While I understand the frustrations of  having many products to choose from, I suggest that it comes from a lack of clear information and assistance provided by the retailer which makes the process frustrating and demotivating.   (continue reading…)

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