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Data Visualization: Top 500+ Ecommerce Sites by Sub-Vertical with Google Page Rank

I’ve been playing around with the data visualization tools at IBM’s Many Eye’s project and came up with a visualization in a treeview that shows the top 500+ ecommerce sites split by category of retailer with google page rank.  It’s an interesting way to look at the data as you quickly see that apparel & accessories dominates number of retailers in the top 500.  Following the apparel category is Specialty/Non-Apparel, Housewares, and Computers/Electronics. 

 An alternative interesting view can be see by dragging the retail vertical to the position between google page range and site.  This will group everything by page rank showing that there’s only 4 retailers with a GPR of 9. 

Update: I’ve moved the visualization to after the click as it was too much on the homepage. (continue reading…)

Google Checkout Trends, useful for merchandising?

Google just release Google Checkout Trends.   Similar in nature to Google Trends where you can compare the popularity of search terms, here Google is allowing you to compare sales of products or brands that were paid for through Google Checkout. 

After playing with it a bit, I started to think about how it might be used by retailers for useful information.  One of the clear ways may be to look at two brands like I’ve done in the screenshot below.  Comparing shoes from the brands Sebago and Rockport, show they are fairly even in their success overall, but show very different peaks and valleys.   I think it would be interesting to compare Google’s results to your own sales metrics and see how they differ.


When checking it out, be sure to zoom in on specific time frames and price points.  You can start to see patterns of how the products do at various points.   

Merchandisers will have to keep in mind that this sales data is only for online transactions and those that went through Google Checkout, which is an extremely small portion of online sales at the moment.  Never the less, it can still show interesting trends. 

One of the disappointing things that makes this less useful is that Google only shows top tier items so trying to compare products

Article on Optimizing for Google Product Search

Brandon over at “The life and times” wrote up a great article on Optimizing for Google Product Search (Formerly Froogle).   Definitely worth checking out. 

The SEO Secrets Most Agencies Won’t Reveal

By far, the best tactical oriented presentation I saw at shop.org was the Advanced Search: Part Art, Part Science – The SEO Secrets Most Agencies Won’t Reveal given primarily by Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts with the help of Elaine Wu of Victoria’s Secret, and Steve Spangler of SteveSpanglerScience.com.  Stephan walked through the presentation sharing tools and tactics for improving ranking on organic search sites.  The tools and tactics were broken up into 3 main areas, Technical Optimization, Content Optimization, and Link Building.  Below are the ones I thought were most interesting.

(continue reading…)

Number One on The Google

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
I saw this over on Web-Strategist.com back from February and had to add it. It’s a viral video made by Push On an online marketing and SEO company.

The video is at 4,251 views so far on Youtube after 6 months. I would be curious to know how much they spent on making it and the leads that were generated. Regardless, it was fun to watch.

This is Juggernaut traffic! This is not regular Internet traffic!

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