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Bestbuy.com gets a C+ for their holiday widget strategy

I’m giving Bestbuy.com a C+ for their holiday widget strategy this holiday season.  They provided two widgets, one in the form of Yahoo Widgets for your desktop and the second for igoogle.  Both are identical in look and functionality.  The visual design was well done, although the functionality came up short IMO.  Details below.


This is the first view of the widget which allows you to add holidays that you are planning for.  I added Christmas and Valentines day.  It then also allows you to take notes for each of the holidays you have added to your list.
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The SEO Secrets Most Agencies Won’t Reveal

By far, the best tactical oriented presentation I saw at shop.org was the Advanced Search: Part Art, Part Science – The SEO Secrets Most Agencies Won’t Reveal given primarily by Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts with the help of Elaine Wu of Victoria’s Secret, and Steve Spangler of SteveSpanglerScience.com.  Stephan walked through the presentation sharing tools and tactics for improving ranking on organic search sites.  The tools and tactics were broken up into 3 main areas, Technical Optimization, Content Optimization, and Link Building.  Below are the ones I thought were most interesting.

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