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Amazon One Click Patent rejected by US Patent Office

Finally a hint of common sense in the USPTO!  The US Patent office just recently rejected the claims of Amazon.com One Click patent after Peter Calveley raised the money from donations to request a re-examination of the patent.  Calveley pointed out multiple patents previously filed to Amazon’s request that may have invalidated their claims. 

 Amazon has the ability to respond to the USPTO and I’m sure they will.  But we all need to cross our fingers that common sense will prevail. 

 Unfortunately, the ecommerce space has been plagued with vague patents with shysters  trying to go around and enforce them.  Many retailers settle the cases which has increased this activity. 

Clearly, patent law needs to be reworked.  Patents like this stifle innovation which isn’t good for anyone.

Tech & Business at Amazon.com

I’ve been sick this past week so I haven’t been up to posting much, but I did find these two articles that are definitely worth sharing. 

 Werner Vogel’s(CTO of Amazon.com) attached an architecture paper on his blog All Things Distributed.  The paper covers the architecture in place for Amazon’s distributed storage system. 

If storage system architecture for extremely scalable ecommerce sites is not your thing, I saw that Harvard Business Review conducted an interview with Jeff Bezo’s(CEO of Amazon.com).   The interview focuses on strategy and how it’s formulated at Amazon.  The graphic on page 2 showing the product line expansion, feature inclusion and sales revenue is great review of the company looking back. 

Both are definitely worth the read. 

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