Variable Markup is a blog by several colleagues, for analyzing the retail space and how retail companies can affect customer experience and profitibility through the use of technology trends like mobile, social networking, all channel commerce, and other emerging trends.

Profiles of editors:

Roy Martin has over 35 years of Retail experience, as a district manager in brick and mortar stores and as Product Manager for Escalate Retail, for a range of products.  Interests include the convergence of selling channels and how to address the changing needs of the retail consumer through the application of technology.   Special interest in the Consumer Electronics, Furniture, and Telco retailers, in all channels.

Michael Julson, a technologist with 20+ years of experience creating software for retail.  Michael is the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for product and architecture strategy for Escalate Retail.  Michael has been a leader at both startups and Fortune 500 companies, building software for  eCommerce sites, Social Communications, Interactive TV, Mobile platforms, and Store Systems.  He serves on the Board of Directors for NRF ARTS - National Retail Federation Association for Retail Technology Standards and has served on technical work committees for the  SOA Blueprint for Retail, Retail Transaction Interface, Mobile Blueprint and is the board sponsor of the Digital Receipt standard currently in progress.

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