Google recently unveiled Instant Search to its online users.   This provides search results to customers ‘instantly’ as they type in search terms, without the need to submit the search.   Instant Search appears to be the next stage in quick search experience, after ‘auto-complete’ search criteria. 

We know that customers have become increasingly impatient with ever increasing broadband internet speeds.  Instant Search is certainly a good way to hold ever short attention spans.  Although it is too early to tell how customers will respond to this. 

It is interesting to see how Google is phasing in this feature, apparently it is not available everywhere.  It depends on which browser and country you are living in.  Perhaps this feature is being ‘dark launched’ in each location without the usual formalities of announcement and worldwide presence.

Another question is whether Microsoft’s Bing be able to keep up with this development.    Clearly this capability is placing a massive load on Google as serving up all this additional information requires processing power and bandwidth.

Instant Search may mean that Retailers may need to adjust their Search Engine Optimisation strategies, providing shorter site summaries for rapid consumption by customers.  Retailers may also need to raise the bar for Site Search on their own websites.   Will retailers be able to adopt InstantSearch–style capabilities for their own sites?