It’s been a long few weeks on the road lately.  I’ve spent time in New York and Boston visiting customers and analysts, and I just wrapped up a week in Cupertino, CA at HP Labs benchmarking the Ecometry product for high load web traffic and order processing.  It was one of those test scenarios where nothing seemed to go right.  We had a dozen or so problems with configuration, Fedex servers failing and various other issues.  Late in the week we got everything working and got some good numbers.  The office is going to continue to benchmark from Delray and try to get more data points with different configurations on the 3 node Oracle RAC.

HP has a fantastic lab and was kind enough to give us access to their top of the line systems.  They have a giagantic XP SAN with I think it was 172 TB’s of storage.  We had a set of three large Itanium servers to run a 3 node RAC Oracle config on and used about 16 app servers to pump orders in via web and interactive interfaces. 

I snapped some quick shots of the lab and some of the Superdome systems they have available in the lab. 


Next week, I’m off to Vegas for!