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Experience Strategy Development

If you are working on your experience strategy or a redesign of your site, you should definitely take an hour out of your day to watch this presentation.  It’s given by two guys from Adaptive Path which is a product experience strategy and design firm.  The presentation was delivered to employees of Google, but someone was kind enough to share it on you tube. 

Even though the topic is mainly centered around experience through an application, it also has great information if you are working on customer experience in the store. 

I particularly liked two parts in the later half of the presentation where they talked about the Peak End Rule and The long wow.  Enjoy!

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Back to The Basics, Order Management and Updating the Customer

When talking to retailers about their online strategy, the topics lately have been about rich Internet application interfaces like AJAX, Flash or Silverlight and social functionality like consumer product reviews.    Despite personally enjoying these topics,  I often try to bring the conversation around to the basics to make sure the retailer has done the basic things like implement accurate real time inventory visibility and accurate tracking through an order management system and set of processes.    Nothing creates a sub par customer experience more than messing up the basic fundamentals of what consumers have come to expect when shopping, tracking, and receiving their order.  The experience I had with Barnes and Noble last week illustrates this pretty well.

My wife was speaking with our daughter’s 4th grade teacher and she told my wife that she wanted to have the class read The Westing Game before school was released for the summer.  Unfortunately, the school library only had a few copies so my wife and I decided to purchase the needed books and donate them to the school.  We spent the following weekend visiting a few book stores and bought all of the copies they had, but we were still short about 10 copies.  (continue reading…)

Consumer Profiles Use of Social Media

There’s a good article over at Advertising Age describing profiles of consumers who use Social Media.  Here are a couple of the profiles, for the rest, check out the article.

These people are generally unhappy with their lives and feel alone. Not surprisingly, they fall at average or below average for e-mailing. But that doesn’t mean they eschew social media. In fact, they’re 12% more likely than the average person to use blogs, message boards or social-networking sites. They also post comments on blogs at least twice a month; personal, music, consumer-product and video-game blogs are most visited. ”

This group shies away from buying unknown brands just for a bargain and prefers to buy brand-name goods. They’re very average social-media users, but some subjects of interest drive them to social media more than the average person: They’re 21% more likely to read environmental blogs and 22% more likely to use professional-networking sites to make new contacts. ”

There are 9 profiles in all. bought by Systemax and Best Buy takes over 17 leases

Just when you thought that CompUSA was done, Systemax (Owner of Tigerdirect) bought the rights to the brand, trademarks, website and 16 stores for $30 million sometime last week.   This comes a month after being sold to the liquidation firm Gordon Brothers Group.   Systemax has announced they will reopen 15 stores, 13 of which are in Florida.

Then, today Best Buy took over 17 leases of CompUSA locations totaling 453,000 square feet for $13.5 million.   The leases range in time lines of 3 to 14 years. 

Home Depot closing 15 underperforming US Stores

Home Depot announced that they are closing 15 underperforming stores affecting ~1300 store associates.   It appears that the housing market problems have gone on for too long and Home Depot has to make adjustments.  They say that they are still planning on opening 55 new stores in their 2009 fiscal year. 

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